January 31st, 2013

The last few years have been more of an economic transformation than an economic recovery.  A December 2012 report by the US government states that by 2030, Asia will overtake North America and Europe combined in global power.  Comprising 60% of the world’s population, over fifty different languages, different means of communication, and a multitude of diverse cultures, researchers more than ever face new opportunities and challenges in providing consumer insight in the Asian market.

As Asia continues to grow on the world stage, businesses have to adapt to the continent’s emerging needs.  Growth is not uniform across all Asia.  Some economies are growing while others are slowing.

New studies show how dramatic this transformation is.  A recent McKinsey study, conducted by analyzing mega cities by clusters, found that the city of Shanghai had higher GDP than the countries of Belgium, Norway, Austria and Denmark.

In Asian markets, often characterized by rapid growth, many nuances impact the business landscape.  Consumers tend to spend differently based on their age groups.  For instance, older generations tend to save more whereas younger generations tend to spend more.  Shifting demographics and changing cultures should be noted in order to be successful in the emerging Asian markets.

Middle-class consumers are expected to represent a sizeable portion of several Asian countries.  Disposable spending is expected to grow in China.  Global companies are increasingly taking this trend into account as they develop a greater variety of products to market within this region.  The number of “affluent” consumers is also expected to grow, and companies would benefit from offering luxury products to this group. 

Tastes and attitudes are evolving as income levels change.  Global companies are increasingly identifying new opportunities in product differentiation and developing diverse marketing strategies targeted towards specific markets.  For some companies, smaller product sizes and new methods of product delivery are important in developing competitive advantages.

  • What does an Asian-focused global economy mean for European and North American companies?  Corporate culture changes?  New skill sets? 
  • How are Asian companies evolving?
  •  Innovation?
  • Opportunities?  Challenges?
  •  Technology shifts: the cloud, social media, big data, analytics, etc?

 Michael Stanat argues that companies are increasingly facing a complex global economy, with Asia taking on an increasingly commanding role.  Local competitors are increasingly threatening profits and market share of multinational companies.  With this paradigm shift, the traditional assumptions, relationships and rules of business are being challenged.  

Michael Stanat focuses on how researchers can increasingly provide meaningful insight in a business environment in transformation by discussing the following:

Michael Stanat, SIS International Research, New York & Shanghai. Michael will be speaking on this subject at the conference in Barcelona on 8 March 2013.

January 22nd, 2013

Passerelles provides three outstanding focus group facilities in Central Paris: Passerelles Atelier; Passerelles Grands Boulevards, Passerelles Bastille.
We offer a total of 13 secure rooms for your studies, spacious conference and viewing space and also IDI rooms and the option of a briefing room
Atelier facilities are located in the exciting 2nd Arrondissement of Central Paris between the stock exchange and the Folies Bergères. Stroll along grand avenues of terrace cafes and theaters or discover cobbled streets of art galleries and boutiques.
Our Grands Boulevards facilities are located in the exciting and busy 9th Arrondissement of central Paris, only two streets away from our sister facility, Atelier. Off the famous long boulevard Haussmann, where you will find international stores Galeries Lafayette and Printemps.
The area borders the Palais Royal Gardens, The Stock Exchange, La Place des Victoires and well known theaters.
Our Bastille facility is perfectly located near Gare de Lyon and The Seine. Bastille offers the historic Place de la Bastille, where France commemorates becoming a republic in the 19th Century. The formidable Opéra Bastille, great restaurants, bars and avenues and a buzzing weekend and nightlife provide a true taste of Paris.

January 22nd, 2013

At The Research House Central London we help you reach the important markets of the UK. Our Central London facility, a classically designed period building, is ideally located for consumers, business people and physicians. The facility provides easy access to our suburban facility in Wimbledon and to major airports, rail links and motorways across the UK. From our London office, we are also able to be your one-stop-shop to conducting research anywhere in the world. We look forward to welcoming you to Central London.

January 22nd, 2013

ConsuMed Research provides outstanding recruitment and project management services for your studies in France. Schlesinger Associates had used the services of ConsuMed Research for over four years prior to its acquisition and we have come to know and trust the quality of ConsuMed’s services first hand. At ConsuMed you will be guaranteed an uncompromising commitment to your success.
ConsuMed Research specializes in taking care of international clients and our bilingual team has a genuine understanding of your international expectations including accommodating time zone and public holiday variances.
We recruit for any kind of market research study, including focus groups, IDIs, ethnographies, telephone interviews and quantitative studies. Our recruitment markets include, healthcare, consumer, IT and business-to-business.
Schlesinger Associates and its companies have built a reputation as one of the largest and most innovative research service providers in the world. We specialize in healthcare data collection with over 65% of our business focusing on medical and pharmaceutical research for both professional and patient populations.
• We conduct over 6,000 healthcare studies annually.
• Through our panel and partner network we have access to 70,000 medical professionals including surgeons, specialists and PCPs as well as nurses, pharmacists and hospital administration staff.
• We maintain a patient panel and partner network giving access to over 3 million panelists worldwide.
• We are continually developing our expertise in helping researchers understand the medical landscape.

January 22nd, 2013

Quality Control Africa (QCA) are a full-service agency covering both ad-hoc and continuous research. We render services in all aspects of research covering:
• Fieldwork services
• Fieldwork Quality Control Services
• Data Processing and Analysis including tabularizations
• Full research services from study design to report writing
Quality Control Africa was incorporated in 2011 as a full-service research agency and commenced full operations in the first quarter of 2012.
QCA Ghana Limited is a truly professional agency manned by some of the most experienced hands in the industry today. Its seasoned professionals have varied experience in local and international research.
Our goal is to maintain the highest standard of professional practice and thereby give our clients top quality service at competitive prices.
QCA is fully equipped with the requisite human, technical and information technology resources to handle the most demanding of research projects. We have been serving the private and public sectors for over 1 year.
We have the right mix of leading professionals in marketing consultancy, sociology, statistics, psychology, and research. Our several and collective skills and competencies together with our breadth and depth of experience in local and international research fit us adequately for any research task being envisaged.
We offer (Qualitative and Quantitative) within West , East , South, North Africa and Middle East.
“To become a leading research agency in Africa by rendering top-notch services to our clients thereby becoming a first choice agency in Africa”.
Our mission is to consistently provide quality data that will facilitate and improve our clients’ decision-making process and ultimately, their competitive position through exceptionally reliable marketing insights and informed advice.

January 22nd, 2013

POINT Consultancy, established in 2011, offers full-service market research in the Middle East and North Africa. POINT has recently added to its portfolio a suite of more innovative research solutions and hybrid techniques, such as social media measurement, ethnography, online research and eye-tracking.

It boasts a multi-disciplinary team with many years of experience in capturing qualitative and quantitative insights in the MENA region. The team’s diverse backgrounds allows POINT to partner with clients from a variety of industries to provide them with the most suitable solutions – which might go beyond market research – in order to fit their business needs.

Qualitative research through focus groups and individual in-depth interviews can be conducted in-house; the facilities are fully equipped with the necessary technologies.

POINT is being managed by Maureen Massarani and Tamara Deprez. Maureen, the founder of POINT Consultancy, worked previously as Head of Research at a research and insights division of Omnicom Media Group (OMG) in Dubai. Tamara recently came on board, joining from Maktoob Research, an online consumer research venture that was acquired by Yahoo! in November 2009.

POINT Consultancy is online at
Email info@pointconsultancy.com
Twitter @POINTresearch

December 13th, 2012

Opinions Ltd was founded in 1998 with one basic principle: to provide quality data collection services with personal attention to every aspect of the research process.  Our staff is well versed in every facet of data collection, whether it’s face to face, telephone or our online panel.  Our main objective is to be your strategic partner whenever and wherever you may need us– providing consistent, accurate, timely and cost effective data collection.

Our facilities are strategically located to provide the very best demographic makeup that represents the United States.  Data collection is comprised of mall intercepts, focus groups, in-store intercepts, ethnographies, large CLT, pre-recruits, sensory research, national recruiting, and online surveys.  Our corporate hub coordinates all of our locations and national staff as well as providing additional services such as programming, coding, data entry and analysis.  With one call we have covered from coast to coast.

November 9th, 2011

SANEP (The Centre for Analyses and Empirical Research) is the first on-line Internet centre involved in the research of public opinion and the market research in the Slovak Republic. Its work involves an absolutely unique obtaining of essential information from more than 25,000 users who participate in individual surveys and who are precisely divided into individual age, social and interest groups.

SANEP s.r.l is an AIMRI member in Prague and SANEP Slovakia are now a Branch member

November 9th, 2011

Zen Research  2 Burney Avenue, Surbiton. KT5 8DE,  UK  Contact: Al Anderson

Zen Research provides outstanding qualitative fieldwork recruitment at extremely competitive prices. With a vast network of UK recruiters – and partner services abroad – we can meet all your recruitment needs.

We recruit to all the major UK cities and are certain that we have the resources and the know how to make your research projects a success. For all your fieldwork or any questions you might have, simply get in touch with our field director Al Anderson who will be more than happy to assist you with all your requirements.

November 9th, 2011

KOI srl  Via dei Partigiani, 5/7 – 24121 – Bergamo, Italy  Cotact:  Livia Gervasoni

KOI was created in 2008 as a natural evolution of the professional path of its partners who have been working in this sector for over 15 years.  KOI top managers have reached a tried-and-tested specific experience, both in the Italian market research and in the international one.  KOI is a full service independent company, with two main offices: one in Milan and one in Rome. KOI specialists can speak and “think” also in English, French and Spanish


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