Clients want to buy quality research. Agencies want to employ knowledgeable staff. And researchers want to learn effectively. The newly launchedResearchAcademywas formed to meet these needs by offering innovative face-to-face and distance learning courses for the MRS Advanced Certificate and the MRS Diploma in Market & Social Research.

With the market research industry undergoing a period of rapid change, the launch of a new research-specific training provider is timely. As alert readers of Greenbook’s GRIT report and theRSMStateof the Market Research Industry survey will know, new tools and methods are introduced on an almost daily basis amidst intense pressure on margins. “Making the right decision about which approaches offer the best insight can be a challenge for researchers, both agency-side and client-side. Good training and qualifications are thus ever more essential for researchers”, says Barbara Langer, Head of Research at eBayEurope.

TheResearchAcademyemploys only tutors who are active research practitioners with extensive training experience.ResearchAcademytutors have taught on theUniversityofWestminster’s prestigious MA/MSc Applied Market & Social Research, delivered the MRS Advanced Certificate agency-side, and led postgraduate research methods training programmes. “MRS is delighted to welcome a new high-quality provider of tuition for the MRS Advanced Certificate and Diploma. We are confident that theResearchAcademy’s high standards and the team’s impressive track record will help students become astute researchers who can apply evidence to business problems,” says MRS Chief Operating Officer Debrah Harding.

In fact, evidence-based practice lies at the heart of theResearchAcademy’s learning approach. The team conducted primary research with MRS Advanced Certificate and Diploma students to understand their experience of studying for these qualifications, and carried out secondary research on distance and adult learning. Mia Lorenz, Managing Director of theResearchAcademy, says “we are proud to offer curricula that incorporate the latest thinking on generating insight for clients”.


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