AIMRI meets again in Munich

Future of research in the internet age

On 28 October 2011 AIMRI met again in the comfortable (and central) Platzl Hotel in Munich. Once again the meeting followed on after the very successful Research & Results exhibition held in Munich over the previous 2 days. We again hosted an AIMRI village at the exhibition.

Gordon Adams from Alternative Futures

Gordon gave the keynote address. In spite of adverse comments by business leaders Gordon believes that market research can contribute to innovation and forecasting. He spoke of Fusion Workshops where company managers meet with groups of their customers and creative thinking techniques are employed.

Federica Saachi of Lorien Conulting

Federica spoke about social media in the Italian market – which contributes to their tracking methods. Her illustration was a case study about Italian prime minister Berlusconi's public popularity, tracked over a period of time.

Julian Wirtler of Global Park

A key requirement for Julian Wirtler of Global Park was to discover how effective their apps on Facebook are for data collection, recruitment and insight generation. For example they discovered that they could reach younger target groups via Facebook and get them to try the product.

Critical feedback for marketing

Christoph Haas from Blauw Research

Superpromoters personify the power of enthusiasm according to Christoph Haas from Blauw Research. He spoke about ways to stimulate valuable word of mouth support from loyal customers - by creating and using the recommendations of “Superpromoters.” By focusing on Superpromoters companies can motivate employees, and provide critical feedback for marketing.

Elfriede Meyer-Rönnau from at random international and Oliver Bischof from run-e GmbH

“How can CATI centres respond to internet developments?” asked Elfriede Meyer-Rönnau from at random international and Oliver Bischof from run-e GmbH. Use of online panels has increased and with their low costs they seem like the dream solution, but over the past few years we have seen that online research is not free of struggle. What use is there in conducting a survey for less money if the results come out meaningless? However, if the challenges and differences are not ignored there are lot of opportunities and potential for synergies between the two methods.

Herbert Kaempf from Medixline GmbH

Herbert spoke about combining qualitative panels and recruitment databases for efficiency and quality in healthcare market research. He stressed the importance of the recruitment and selection procedures.

Bob Qureshi from Qureshi Market Research and Jonathan Wheeler from Blauw Research

Bob and Jonathan divided the delegates into two groups and led a light-hearted workshop aimed at providing clarity on “What is AIMRI?” for both internal and external communications. Among the outputs from the session was a new tagline “AIMRI is the premier association for global research partnerships”- which has already been put into use.

At the close it was generally agreed that it had been a stimulating and informative day (with very little overlap) which pointed the way forward in several directions. 

Richard Chilton


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