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Location of this AIMRI event: New York City
Venue for this AIMRI event:

TKP Conference Center

Inaugural AIMRI Annual Conference & AGM

'The Future of International Research'

New York, Friday 26th June 2015

The AIMRI Annual Conference will be held in New York on Friday 26th June 2015


TKP Conference Center

109 West 39th Street, New York, NY10018

Topics at the Conference will cover:

How will “big data” fit with traditional research methodologies?Will “social media” continue to change our approach to international research?Where is international privacy legislation going How will this impact on the conduct of research and on client expectations?How do we increase the value of research in the face of cost cuts demanded by clients?Is International Research growing? Is it increasingly centralised?Will all business research be done in English in future?

Sponsorship opportunities are also available – for more details please contact Tariq Mirza at

To reserve your place at the Conference please contact Catherine Harston at AIMRI


tel: 44 (0)203 0 111 303 


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