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Location of this AIMRI event: Rome
Venue for this AIMRI event: Hotel Imperiale

3rd and 4th April 2014!


Exciting Spring Conference – Call for Synopses



AIMRI is hosting its Spring conference entitled"Italy is different! How about your homeland?" in beautiful Rome at the Hotel Imperiale on 3rd and 4th April 2014. Accordingly we would be honoured to have you or one of your colleagues speak at this event where we are keen to learn those details that emphasise the realities of different cultures and economies. Therefore case studies that illustrate your points will be much appreciated. Proposed themes for the conference are:



We are all aware that methods that work well in some countries are less satisfactory elsewhere – suggested considerations are.

  • Mobile phone coverage and distance means that mobile is the only effective method in some countries. Is that true for you? If so - what are the implications?

  • Why does Face-to-Face still work so well inItalyand elsewhere inEurope? What is it about the culture and the people that make it work as compared to other regions where it is impossible if not dangerous!

  • How digital access has changed MR in my country and what are you doing to deal with this?

  • How does qualitative work in those countries where the question “why do you say that?” is considered to be rude?



Even the business of business differs from one part of the world to another and that can affect timings as well as techniques. Do you have any experience of:

  • How staffing, work rules, expectations, objectives/goals differ from country to country?

  • Selling research in different countries, regions. Are there different techniques, approaches, quoting procedures across countries/regions? How do different customs and ways of doing business change?

  • The finances of dealing cross countries and currencies. What are the pitfalls?


Data Protection

An increasingly complex problem with differing rules in different countries

  • Safe Harbour compliance - is this important to your business?

  • A look at the German data protection law - Evidence of interviewer quality


Measurements and Language

The approach to scales can differ from one country to another.

  • Can you illustrate the hypothesis that Latin cultures are more ‘generous’ than the northern peoples and will, often, give higher scores on ‘likelihood to buy’ and other scales.

  • Scales - Guttman / Likert / Thurstone how do any of these translate from culture to culture?

  • “German is precise, English is loose but Farsi is even looser!” Examples of problems of translation and interpretation from one culture to another!



Different cultures lead to different ways of doing business – how does that impact on B2B research.

  • Is it true that the German executive will give you more time to complete a questionnaire than other business people?

  • Are doctors the same across the world because they all have similar training?

  • Does the average French executive enjoy talking about future trends?

These and many more topics come to mind. But you tell us what is important!


Remember that all speakers are entitled to a discounted attendance.


AIMRI is now under new management and our conferences and events are aiming to attract even more dynamic speakers than we have had in the past with subjects that are intended to reach out to both the new Market Research entrepreneur as well as long established companies. Indeed anyone looking to promote and share ideas and experiences in the world of International Market Research.

If you would like to speak in Rome then please send a title with a brief synopsis for your presentation to Catherine Harston at and I will pass it to the conference committee.

Also feel free to discuss your ideas with any of the following:

Jack Semler tel: + 1 651 439 1554 8547 e:

Tariq Mirza tel: + 44 20 7117 6085 e:

Federica Saachi tel: + 44 20 7520 9026 e:

Tony Dent tel: + 44 20 8274 5010 e:

John Attfield tel: + 49 41 81 99 681 e:

I do hope you will join us in Rome and look forward to receiving details from you. If you have any questions or would like any more information on the conference itself or the venue then please do contact me on 44 20 30 111 303.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available – to discuss these please speak with Tony Dent, tel: + 44 20 8274 5010 or e mail Tony at:

We look forward to welcoming you in Rome! 



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